Ocado is a fast growing business underpinned by an ever-changing and dynamic engineering division called Ocado Engineering. Graduates on our 18 month Engineering or Engineering Operations programs will support the delivery of projects across a wide range of areas including Product Development, Automation Engineering, Buildings Technology and Engineering Operations. Graduates will deliver work of real value from day one and play a crucial role in Ocado Engineering. With continued support, graduates will spend 18 months refining skills, gaining valuable experience and learning where their capabilities, passion and ambitions lie.

Hear from one of our current Graduate Engineers!

Hamza Ellahi, Graduate Engineering

I was drawn to Ocado’s Engineering Graduate scheme because of the innovative technology Ocado is developing. Since joining, I have not been disappointed - Ocado takes advanced automation storage and retrieval systems to a whole new level!

At Ocado Engineering, I am given the opportunity to work on intellectually stimulating projects, whilst tackling complex technology development challenges. My postgraduate degree in MSc Mechanical Engineering and undergraduate in BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering have provided me with a strong foundation to adapt to various challenges and use my initiative to solve problems.

I have already been tasked with unique projects that have pushed me to work to critical deadlines and ensure I understand business requirements. This shows how much this pioneering and innovative company trusts and values my abilities.

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David Holt, Graduate Engineering

I started at Ocado in September 2016 as a recent graduate of Mechanical Engineering (MEng). Before joining, I was yet to appreciate the scale of Ocado as a business and also how I would soon be contributing to the rapid development of technology which it is built upon. However, I soon understood the sheer size of the operation and also the relentless drive Ocado has to push technology forward and grow as a business.

On a daily basis I’m provided with the opportunity to exercise the skills I developed at university, ranging from project management to CAD design. I am also developing a considerable amount of new skills, such as dealing with contractors and understanding business strategies. I feel as though there is a genuine commitment from Ocado to grow me as a professional engineer and I’m excited to contribute to the future of Ocado.

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Jaabir Logde, Graduate Engineering Operations

After graduating with a Masters in Chemical Engineering, I wanted to work for a company whose achievements stand out amongst its competitors. Ocado’s ability to disrupt with its futuristic automated solutions provided the perfect opportunity for me to remain at the forefront of technology, whilst being part of a program that gives me real responsibility right from the word go.

As part of my first placement on the Engineering Operations Graduate program, I was enrolled on a short training program helping me gain the required electromechanical competencies. This enabled me to understand and appreciate the work engineers and technicians undertake. The scheme also promotes learning through hands on project ownership; I am now leading Process Improvement projects, which includes everything from developing new ideas through to implementation.

The immense support provided by my managers has helped me manage the change and assist in administering a lean culture. My efforts have added value to the company’s technical operations and I look forward to continuing my work with them.

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Euan Cuthbertson, Graduate Engineering Operations

As a recent graduate of Electronic Engineering (MEng), I was attracted to the Engineering Operations scheme because it gives you a real insight into Ocado’s innovative engineering solutions and a chance to gain hands-on experience. After joining, I have simply been amazed by Ocado; the company never stands still!

So far, I have had two placements which gave me valuable experience and allowed me to develop the skills I gained at university, whilst ensuring I had a solid understanding of how the whole operation comes together. This knowledge is invaluable as I now have the responsibility to lead a project that could have an impact on the whole business.

The help and support I have been given has been truly astounding. Ocado Engineering really makes you feel welcome and people are always willing to help you.

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Application process

Interested in applying? Applications have now closed for September 2018. They will reopen in October 2018, why not come back and apply for one of our programs?

How do the two programs differ?

Engineering: Put your university engineering degree to use to support the delivery of projects across our ever-changing and dynamic engineering world. In this role you will experience a wide range of areas including design, Automation Engineering and Buildings Technology.

Engineering Operations: Develop your knowledge and interest in Engineering Operations by being one of the first graduates to work hands-on with our newly installed, Ocado-own, automated solutions.

Next steps

If your skills match what we’re looking for and we think you’d be a good fit for Ocado Engineering, we’ll invite you to complete two online tests - a numerical test and an Ocado personality fit test. If this goes well, we’ll invite you to a telephone interview which will be a mixture of competency and personality based questions. For the final stage we will ask you to an assessment centre where we will explore your technical knowledge and you will be interviewed by key engineering people. This day will also allow you to find out more about the programme and see if it is the right fit for you!

Do you think you have what it takes to be an Ocado Engineer?

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