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The Product Development team delivers new products, systems and technology to support the capacity growth of Ocado. We are working on a product catalogue that includes a range of automation products and systems and allows Ocado to build the customer fulfilment centres of the future.

Maintaining the rapid growth of Ocado requires efficient and cost-effective New Product Introduction (NPI) processes. We achieve this through our people, expertise and drive to create the most commercially compelling logistics technology solution in the world.

The ability to meet the reliability, cost and lifecycle targets set by the business is critical for us. We are achieving this through the growth of expertise in the team in the key areas of product development; NPI, design, systems engineering, reliability engineering, safety and compliance, and design for manufacture.

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Sid Shaikh, Head of Product Development

Since completing an MSc in Industrial Robotics and Manufacturing at Cranfield, I have been working in bespoke automation, robotics and product development for close to 25 years.  I have delivered automation and products into multiple sectors  including food, steel, aerospace, tobacco, FMCG, pharmaceuticals and medical device.

I joined Ocado in January 2011 as a Project Manager and got the opportunity to deliver a range of varied projects and improvements into a 24/7 production  environment. Since then, I have built a team of 35 engineers and project managers who are developing new products that are transforming Ocado from a company that buys off-the-shelf equipment into developer of state of the art technology.

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Andrew Selim, Projects Manager

I joined Ocado in July 2014, after an enjoyable 16 years in the glass industry designing and project managing electric melting furnace systems, travelling the world installing and commissioning them whilst gaining plenty of experience in engineering and developing products in the process.

After joining Ocado’s Product Development department as an Engineering Project Manager I immediately started working on a range of interesting projects, contributing to the portfolio of machines and equipment which combine to form the most advanced automated warehouse system in the world.  As a chartered mechanical engineer I found the challenges new and exciting and the agile, ‘can do’ attitude of Ocado both inspirational and infectious.

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Martyn Bates, Senior Technical Lead

It will soon be 10 years since my first experience of Ocado. At the time, I had recently graduated, had a year of experience in steel processing, and was simply awestruck by the scale of automation at Ocado. From the moment I walked through the door, I knew I wanted to be part of the team here because it is obviously much more than an online supermarket.

For my first five years here, I was part of what is now Automation Engineering and we would often operate in and around a live operation. There is an expectation that our installations work first time and that they stand up to the rigors of a warehouse environment for many years. So when I started my first large project I was both excited and a bit nervous to be given the freedom to be innovative in attacking some of the more challenging aspects of an automation project.

More recently, Ocado has helped me to progress my own development by giving me the resources I needed to complete a master's degree, and the growth Ocado has undergone in the last few years means that the culture is gearing towards developing people so that we can drive technology forward and continue to do things better.

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John Dadswell, Safety and Regulatory Compliance

I joined Ocado in May 2015 to lead the safety and regulatory compliance activities for the Product Development group. I previously spent over 30 years in R&D in the Analytical Instrument industry managing Quality Systems, Safety and Regulatory Compliance for scientific instrument development. I also had the opportunity to influence new European legislation affecting the industry through my involvement with the Trade Association and European Commission.

The first thing that struck me at Ocado was the level of ambition and the strong belief that anything is possible. Managing the safety and regulatory compliance for an automation system on the scale of an entire warehouse has created some interesting and exciting new challenges for me and these look set to continue as we move forward to even bigger and better things!

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Brian Reid, Technical Manager

I have over 20 years in product development and have joined Ocado in April 2016 with a remit to introduce best practices in product development, system engineering and problem resolution. My goal is to build a team that both embodies best industrial practices and the dynamic spirit of Ocado.

Prior to joining Ocado, I’ve spent over three years working with a small technology company developing a range of medical and scientific devices. Before that, I spent a decade at Xerox, leading a cross-functional team on global programmes with both US and Asian manufacturing and integration locations. My team was responsible for the development, delivery and continual management of scanner and imaging systems.

I hold a degree in Physical Optoelectronics and spent part of my career in optical component design for industrial, medical and aerospace applications and have worked in the UK and North America on optoelectronic systems for the telecommunication industry. I’m an advocate of lean product development and have black belt in Design for Lean Six Sigma.

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Vipin Pillai, Design Team Manager

I joined Ocado in January 2017 to pursue my passion for technology and innovation. The challenges of growing a fully-fledged design team, influencing the design culture, and taking on the vision of the business to design leading warehouse automation technologies had an enormous appeal.

I have helped businesses grow their EBIT income and revenue through new product development, programme management and systems engineering. My career progressed from designing test machines for automotive component testing to leadership roles, including global and European engineering management roles. Working with teams inspired by innovation and nicknamed patent factories, I have developed award-winning products including the Surgical X-ray imager scanner, the SafeView 360 degree camera system and the 500ZE road sweeper. I have worked in diverse sectors but primarily medical devices and automotive.

Following a BEng (Honours) in Automobile Engineering and a Master's degree in Design from the IIT in Delhi, I completed an MBA at the Strathclyde Business School with a focus on Business Strategy Planning. My hobbies include travelling and photography.

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